The Koreans beat the Americans to the punch!?

Okay, so no matter what side of the fence you're on, crossovers are here to stay. The market has spoken and like the wildly popular Stegmann clogs of the 90's which offered virtually zero versatility, and limitless potential of tripping on stairs. Similarly, despite numerous better alternatives, for some reason people want CUV's.

What offers the level of egg-shaped safety only rivaled by the cannoli car Stallone drove in Demolition Man? What offers you the strangely high driving position you desire? Well, CUV's of course! Now you may say CUV's offer less practicality and worse driving dynamics than a wagon, fair point. You MAY say they don't offer the same offroad capability or cargo capacity as an SUV. But why go for such low-hanging fruit? CUV's are plain silly when you really think about it, so let's think about it.

Why the hell are they so Popular? What in the dang darnit do they offer consumers? For starters, they're marketed to hell and filling the dealerships lot, and pure availability dictates they'll sell. They without question do what is needed of a car. Mobility, and a place to put your shit with an economical 3 or 4 cylinders under the hood, a slip and grip fwd based AWD system. They offer you a reasonably high-up driving position which everyone seems to really give a shit about these days, and a small(ish) footprint, and honestly, that's about it. We find ourselves in an arms race of sorts with drivers of today wanting increasingly commanding driving positions until we're driving short, tall cars that are little more than appliances. Pumped out to accommodate the consumer demand, those who pine for an active lifestyle. The fact of the matter is the majority of consumers don't care about performance and want a thing that is cheap to insure, purchase, and operate all while costing between $20-25k and below if possible.

All that rambling nonsense very clearly puts me in bed with the opposition of the CUV movement, and this wave is cresting. We're seeing more and more nameplates being dredged up from the annals of time for better or for worse, I'm looking at you Eclipse Cross. No amount of unexpected freestyling can make that thing worth buying. For what it's worth I really do wish the best for Mitsubishi, who is one split of a half darn second away from following Suzuki and pulling out of the US.

Now this is sure as shit not the short way of getting to 2 things, the meat and taters. The new Ford Maverick, and the Hyundai Santa Cruz. We've made it to the Zenith of the CUV movement. The CUV truck, and it's both EXACTLY what I wanted in one sense, but absolutely not the way I wanted it to happen. Time will tell what I actually think about them, but on paper the Hyundai seems like a great thing in a sea of bullshit. The Maverick is classically late to the party, but Ford didn't want to take away from Bronco sales (probably), despite the Maverick and Bronco having been side by side on the lot from the jump making total sense. The Bronco and Maverick seem lackluster, parts bin and generic. The sort of Retro styling that tried to harken back to the Bronco of the 60's, but hit a ground-rule double instead of a homer, and that honestly might be generous. This design look like a GMC canyon and the current ford ranger (AHEM.. SHOULD'VE BEEN THE G-DAMN Small truck platform to begin with) had a gross sloppy love affair.

Anyway, here is the conclusion nice and tidy for you. I like this, and it is bringing back the small truck segment in the USA. Hyundai as a company has been killing it. Like in a super inspiring way. I'm liking basically the whole lineup despite feelings here and there. And Ford, as a company, I really do think has big things in the future, I drive a ford now. I invest in Ford stock (NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE), but I do think the Bronco missed the mark wherever that might have been. The Maverick certainly checks some boxes and is the small truck they should've had on the lots in 2019 when that BS Ford Ranger hype-train got to the station and took a big, wet, gravy mudpie all over our hopes and dreams for a ford small truck in the states. I hope the Maverick is good, the design doesn't promise to be anything special from the onset. A rejigged bronco which was a reimagined ecosport. The only thing I can tell you is that I believe in my huevos it will lose out to the Santa Cruz which looks pretty darn sweet.

Thanks for reading this nonsense!

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