The Brotherhood of Muscle 'Gon Git Electrified

Big news from the dodge camp last week. The company is going to shift away from v8's and going electric. This is a bit like a restaurant announcing it will be adding a flourless chocolate cake to the dessert menu. Soooo it's not exactly out of left field, or that surprising. But this is an exciting prospect because Mopar has been pumping out some crazy power in some old-ass architectures for far longer than anyone had any right to expect. I'm so happy about it though, don't get me wrong. Dodge is single-handedly belting out the swan song of ICE muscle cars of a bygone era.

With this announcement, there wasn't exactly a lot of detail, or much of anything other than essentially what I've regurgitated for you, dear reader. This lack of detail hasn't stopped me from positing my opinion in typical Ideate fashion.

If history has taught us anything, it is that the at least half of the bread and butter at Dodge is their hrspower, in fact, 48% of chargers sold in 2020 had a v8! Now this is super impressive in a world where manufacturers are dropping v6's. It was a smart move to not innovate and just take the tried and true methodology of cramming big power into their existing platforms. Obviously, Dodge has some more pedestrian vehicles in the lineup, but an undeniable portion of their buyers are looking for that Bill Goldberg brotherhood of muscle performance, and Dodge is there with a cut-off no-fear T shirt, and a cheek fulla Grizzly to supply the demand. It was undoubtably a better use of company time and money to not reengineer their platforms with an upcoming shift to Electric. I'm sure this is the only way Fiat would even allow what has been happening, it's the only way that what Dodge has been doing even remotely seems allowable.

This new shift to Electric seems promising for Mopar. Especially when weighing their commitment to performance, or at least the consumer expectation (or half of it). I anticipate some crazy ludricrious power and speed out of whatever comes next from Mopar and I for one am excited for the future.

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