Its 4-2-1 not 4 to 1 anymore. BABY!

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

I threw the old exhaust manifold into the municipal recycling bin with prejudice, like that was allowed, like it owed me money. Like it was wearing cement shoes and the bin was the Hudson. Like, like, well you know like I didn't want it anymore, aggressively.

Unfortunately, or rather fortunately the cat basically broke off on some train tracks on my first test drive/errand running to go pick up the gear oil.

It was a delightful, eargasam throughout the 20-minute drive home rocking open headers. Ebay to the rescue! I wound up picking these larrys up on a buy it now for $104.99 w/ free shipping. Excelsior!

Now I just need to get the secondary o2 sensor- and to get the car registered. ;-) WINKY FACE

Until next time.

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