It lives broh

El swapo is almost done- but does run and drive. Pretty simple just annoying, having spent a few hours trying to put the motor back in without removing the trans. Because I read in a forum it is possible. Having tried both it is significantly easier bolting the trans to the motor and putting it in from the top as one unit. I spent more time than I hoped trying to combine them in the car without success.

New Clutch, pilot and thowout bearing along with pressure plate done, (while you're in there) I also needed to top up the trans fluid MT-90 because of reasons.... MAKE sure you use GL4 and not fluids that say they're compatible. PURE STUFF the 240sx uses brass syncros.

When removing the trans I encountered the most "stuckedess" drain plug ever. It was pretty dang seized. I tried knocker loose, and PB to no avail. Eventually I went full send and a good bit of fluid leaked out. My garage still smells a little bit. I used cat litter to soak it up and then some cola to clean up the stains and deodorize.

I also added this hawtboii window visor for panty dropping good looks.

Stay tuned!

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