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Browsing Craigslist, YES Craigslist, I found something that caught my eye. A post with no photo no less. I'll often have a look on the old craigslist, because there is a portion (albeit a small one) who either prefer the times of old (Myself included), don't have a facebook, or simply don't know that facebook replaced Craigslist. While I'm technically playing both sides, I like looking there, because most of the time there's less competition for items. Folks will make terrible posts without pictures, etc, so you can find some gems if you have the time. This car is case and point. This car is almost a gem, a little rough around the edges and is in need of a tiny bit of body work, and mechanical. On the whole there is virtually 0 chance to be upside down in it.

Without further adieu, welcome this 2001 Volkswagen Jetta GLX wagon to the ideate fleet.

This car is a well equipped, fairly clean example in a good color combination Silver on black leather. She's got a 12v vr6 and wait for it.... a 5 speed transmission! Being a touring it was made in Wolfburg so none of that hencho in mexico here. It came with some beat up Monte Carlos, and a thule roof rack, too! The the black leather interior is in fantastic shape and for the most part, a good body too. Not only that but the car only has 131k on the odo.

It's not all good news the Rocker on the driver side has some rust, and the fender on the passenger side needs replacing but otherwise fairly rust free, solid floors and wheel wells. The car is also misfiring on Cylinder 5, has the classic shifter rod and exhaust rattles and that's really it. The previous owner did some diag to try and fix the car before calling it quits and had replaced the ignition coil, plugs and wires, but the misfire was still happening. The seller let me come over and compression check the engine. When it passed the compression test, and there was no fuel on the spark plug I paid the man and took the car knowing that it had to be a fuel issue. Either a bad injector or a wiring issue on the injector for cylinder #5.

I got it home and sure enough using the old sniffer, when I got the old injector out, the nozzle looked ultra dry and didn't smell of fuel at all. I replaced it with a $25 rock auto injector (Don't recommend) which was too short when compared to the others, I will need to replace it again, but the car was running on all 6 again! With the Rock auto one being shorter started to seep fuel and smell, but hey at least I know that's the issue and I can return it and get a better one now. I also sense that the shifter rod in the intake needs doing so I have to get in there again anyway.

Oh that's right, I got this great little rig for only $600!! I'm stoked! Also, I went to rerack.com (not a sponsor) and bought a replacement key for the roof rack, so I can use it on my BMW 323 touring! So basically $100 rack for free!

Stay tuned!

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