Just kidding, or am I, well it certainly looks like it came from a flood car or had been a salt water anchor for a few years. But don't let looks fool you, this is a beauty! 165-170lb compression on all 4 cylinders, around 140k miles from a '92 . So while it may look ugly she's actually a very classy biatch.

Make like Julia Roberts and get frickin' pretty why don't ya?!

So I'm about to pretty woman this s13 motor, and you maybe asking "hey- like why tho?" Well handsome-face I'll tell ya:

#1: 240/248 duration cams

#2: Honestly s13 and s14 ka24de motors are the same with the exception of the head design. BUT s13 stock cams are a bit better. s14 intake manifold is better, so mushing this all together is going to be the best of the parts bin. I should've kept the s14 head, but I was concerned that debris might be in there somewhere.

#3: It was for sale- nearby.

#4: I'm doing this on the cheap. Avoiding "while your in there" as much as I can, because I have another project that is the epitome of "while your in there" and that shit snowballs... fast.

Stay tuned..

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