Goodbye dear friend, hello new one.

Sorry to the 2 people who care, but I've been away and for good reason. I'm now a father! My wife went into labor later in the evening on the day I sold this car, so I lost one baby and gained another. The preputial tasks and responsibilities have kept me from thinking about it all that much or missing it. Although throughout the journey with the s14 I did in some senses "catch feelings". I turned just about every nut on that car, built a nearly flawless dual cam KA, and showed the car some much needed love. I found new wheels for her, that fit her just right, like a gottamn cinderella story.

I reached car-catharsis or known medically as "car-tharsis". When you make peace selling a beloved car project, reliable workhorse, grocery-getter, etc. Time to move onto another project, I documented the final drive in this long form video, also, if technotronic has strict copy right laws, they didn't want anyone to actually pump the jam.

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