Finishing touches: Putting a bow on the two-four-Ohhh.... SX

During late February we had some warm days (relative) to New England. I noticed that the car was not holding temperature, running cold. Especially when the heat was on, and it was blowing cold air directly into my faaas. I figured it had to be air in the system or the thermostat itself. I did a good bleed when I did the swap and it had been running great prior to storing it for the worst of winter. I planned to do a new thermostat, for $7 its good piece of mind. Annnnd (while you're in there) some hawt boi red silicone radiator hoses. I wound up uncovering what either was the issue, or a definite future one. When taking the old hoses off, most of the neck came off the radiator, and was stuck in the hose. This is probably what introduced air into the system, so it is likely that the thermostat was good after all. So I picked up a new radiator too. (WHILE YOU'RE IN THERE)

If you know much about the KA24de, bleeding this cooling system, in particular, can be a bit of a PITA. Conversely, I LOVE that you can do everything above super quickly, barring waiting for fed-ex, and inexpensively. Gosh, these are fantastic cars.

With the whole system refreshed, I'm getting the car ready to be re-homed, I will be putting it on the market. I also made a video documenting the process. Hopefully, people enjoy this and I'll certainly try to get better at editing!

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