Ditch the beadlock wheels

A Beadlock wheel offers a lot of the right stuff for the right occasions and circumstances, but do most folks actually need them? Absolutely not. For those uncertain, a Beadlock is a component within some wheels that mechanically secures the tire bead to the rim. As you shop for a new set of wheels for your rig, here are 5 reasons you can skip them altogether:

  1. Shooting skeet with an RPG: Now yeah, that would be awesome! But only to imagine. In practice, I think we can all agree an RPG is a tickle too much for the activity in question. Beadlocks are essentially the same. They have a use, a function, just as an RPG does, but do you need one? It’s something to consider. Beadlocks are predominantly used in extreme offroading scenarios to gain advantages over the ordinary wheel and tire combos. These include airing down below 15 psi maximizing traction, adding lateral strength to the bead seal when using the sidewalls of tires for grip, rotating 40” tires with extreme speed, and added security for harsh landings while jumping. All this culminates in a reduction in the risk of de-beading when out in no man's OR woman’s land. Especially when victory is at stake. So you can pretty much skip them unless you need to outfit a trophy truck or a competition-level rock crawler.

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