If you love something- treat it the same if you hated it. Get it the EFFFF outta there.

Now that I know this motor is FUBAR- I'm starting over, it's not worth my time to fix this motor when KA's are cheap and fairly easy to rip out and slam in. So I started to take it out, despite the sex-spec engine cover wearing 9th gen Civic si super duper green, it's gotta go!

After few days I got it out- and sold it for essentially no money! Huzzah!

Got the motor out of the 240 and sold on FB marketplace for the handsome price of... wait for it... 60 bucks! Of course I kept all the bits I needed, like the Intake and exhaust manifolds, Oil pan because well you'll see. Along with some other bits.

She's a very clean motor, but with shards in the pan, potential crank issues, and lots of timing chain guide bits everywhere inside, it's better to cut and run sometimes.

Stay tuned.

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