240's like a Mastercard Commercial- Priceless: The saga of the clean s14.

So the goal for this car was varied, numerous, and simultaneously specific. Keep the build costs down because "while you're in there" is a dangerous and costly mindset. It can lead to some great outcomes and I'll divulge more on this later, and areas where I did/do go balls to the wall. The intention was to get this car running and driving great, and likely sell it on in the springtime. Enjoying some s-chassis seat-time before selling it. It gave me plenty to do, because of winter in New England. Having this car to work on was a lot of fun, even if my garage isn't heated. I hold a special place in my heart for the S-chassis and they are a dying breed. Clean examples aren't exactly falling out of trees, and the ones you find look as if they did. You can get turbo'd Ka wrapped in a turd for $5k, or an sr swapped nugget for $7k. So what does a clean car fetch? It's nearly impossible to assign a value, and when you try somebody's not far away to give you their unsolicited opinion, that's for certain.

Other goals for the build, were to create the best possible interpretation of an early-mid 2000's street/drift car. All while staying true to what was available to the USDM, also not for nothing, but there won't be many clean cars with a KA24de left if everybody swaps them or turbos them. I'm all for motor swaps, I did an RB25det swap in my s13, it was a rewarding car, but spent more time being worked on than driven. I owned the car for 5 years and wound up really getting to drive it regularly for about 1. This was mostly due to living in an apartment complex and not getting to wrench as much as was needed. The support for the RB is nothing like the KA, so that was something I wanted to avoid.

There's something about keeping a car "somewhat" original, or building it to a theme. Maybe it's too soon, maybe the 240sx is doomed, but I'd like to think not. There will be the completely unmodified ones that go to BaT or I imagine someday Daddy Doug's Cars and Bids and those will fetch stupid money. This s14 is more of a period piece, if I had to put it into a category. No overfenders, no crazy offsets. Yes complete interior, and definite YES fart can.

So selling on Facebook.... I have some strong opinions about it. Some positive, most not so. It's a necessary evil since it's replaced everything else, except the auction sites. I remember the before times and I think they were better. "Is this available?" Short of being a grumpy Clint Eastwoodian Gran Torino type nostalgic asshole, where anything new and different is horseshit-bullshit. There is a sound argument to be made that the Forums, and Craigslist were quantifiably better. I would gladly risk being murdered on Craigslist if we could just turn the clocks back.

Hi, I'm Chris, this is my 240sx, I'd like a fair price.

So I get it, the world wants top dollar for their used shit, and the value of everything is akin to the Toyota Tacoma. "I know what I have" All the troupes I know them, heard them, seen't them. There is a point where you put a Ferrari F40 LM with 7 original miles and a pewter casting of Enzo Ferrari's penis as a shift knob and these Rick Harrisons on FB marketplace with plenty of time, opinions, and no money will tell you it ain't worth shit. They'll offer $3,200 because the pewter penis shift knob adds weight and they have to hoof it from Trenton, NJ. everyone knows the distance a buyer has to travel 100% affects the fair market value of an item.

Someone has left the chat.

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