2022 Nissan 400z: A banger?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Envisage if you will, the outgoing and current 370z as Katherine Heigl in a pre-covid world, sitting alone at a bar. (Her name has one too few vowels amirite?) In walks, a 1973 240z wearing lime-yellow paint, pictured as none other than William Zabka, of course. Since we're already picturing cars walking into bars I can break away from an actual shot-for-shot regurgitation of the plot from "Knocked Up". Their child would be the upcoming Z car.

Not that Seth Rogan isn't sexy, he's not that sporty, I guess. Discussion for another day.

This brings me to the new 400z or as the brass from Nissan/Renault call it, The Z.

And so it's clear, I'm saying it like ZEeeeeee in my mind-brain. Not only does this car pay respectable homage to its lineage, but I think I'm going to like it a lot. Here's why:

They make retro atually work with this one. It took almost 20 years, but we actually get the 2004 240z and lost 90's re-bodied s14 concept cars. Retro styling is a love-hate thing, if done well and harkens back to an actual car, or design language that actually existed, (I'm looking at you PT Cruiser.) and it can really work, in this case, I think it does!

I like the drivetrain, a lot. Okay, it may not be an inline 6 like the Bimmer Supra, butttttt finally, the Z gets a turbo. Not since the z32 have we gotten the sweet whoosy noises from a factory Z car. If everything is as it seems, it could actually be as fast as Ghosn skips bail. The Infiniti Q used this drivetrain and I have to say it was a fantastic car, imagine it with a standard transmission. Thank you Nissan BTW! Also to be fair, the drivetrain was never the weak spot for the Z cars in the past, apart from early cd009 issues. All in all, this is a considerable improvement.

Lastly, lord knows Nissan has had some time to tinker away on the architecture (FM Platform) here, it actually makes the Dodge Charger and Challenger architecture look young, because it actually is in comparison. The years between a high school freshman vs a college freshman separates them. Nissan/Renault is just wringing out this towel on this platform squeezing every bit of sweet juice they can.

Now this can actually be a good thing though. If you keep innovating the same chassis, perfecting it, this might just be a renaissance car.

Time will tell, thanks for reading.

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