2021 Untold Saga- I's sorry :)

In the words of Staind: It’s been a while! It’s not as if I've been up to nothing, I’ve just documented nothing. For this, I am sorry dear reader. I suck at creating content- one of my 2022 resolutions is to be better about it. I have a few excuses and I won't bore you with any of them.

Onto the meat and taters:

When I left you back in April/May I had just sold the s14 240sx after considerable work and selling it on for a tasty profit. I used some of the proceeds to purchase some new projects. I needed something for the channel and applicable to my newfound lifestyle as a new daddio. This has been a blessing, and I love being a father, but fatherhood has really put a damper on the time I can allocate to projects- so it became a proposition of time spent making content or doing stuff that was content worthy. I chose the latter and hoped I could pick up slack on the back end, and turn in some assignments late- it's what I learned in college after all.

My new life is all car seats, strollers, floor time, and milky vomit, all the trappings of becoming a new father. Similarly, my garage needed something.. something more suitable for this pretty significant lifestyle change. I've been a wagon dude ever since being exposed to one. In 1999 my dad bought a brand new b5 A4 Avant, black on black leather 5 speed, with the 1.8t. I thought that car was awesome and insanely practical. I've been hooked on wagons ever since. This year the Ideate fleet had a stupid amount of wagons; a '01 Volkswagen Jetta, the "el swappo" 00' BMW 323i, '93 Volvo 240, and 00' Volvo V70.

The e46 bimmer boi I've actually had since December 2019 and it's getting some absolutely crazy mods, which has rendered it useless, and on a lift for the past 24 fiscal months, the wait will be worth it! I will create a dedicated post and video about this car, but it will be a monster, and for now, it's known as El Swappo. It's getting the soup to nuts- total balls to the wall treatment. The SparkNotes are: Florida car rust-free, slick top manual RWD 2000 323i touring. Motor needed every seal possible so I wound up enjoying it while acquiring parts for it. Eventually the fuel pump went, and like stubbing your toe and amputating it, I went full send- everything is being replaced with upgraded parts and swapped with an Iron block lq4 backed by t56 magnum running on a wiringspecialties harness. I plan to boost it down the road, but in the short term, the car will be NA. Motor and trans will be bolted in by way of Vorshlag mounts and trans x-member. This wagon has a 330i rear subframe, 330i brakes front and rear, zhp steering rack, powerflex poly bushings everywhere, fortune auto coil-overs, Beefer Sutherland Apex Arc8's 17x10 squared, hotchkis sway bars front & rear, and much more. Here are some highlights from 2021:

With my e46 outta comishh I'd been playing around with different second, third cars and projects until I can get it back. And once I do, I'll still want to experience other cars. After selling the s14 in April the next car I bought was this Jetta wagon, followed by 2 Volvos, and later on a GMC Sierra 1500 and another volvo 240 more on all of these later!

Thanks for reading!

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