2021 Untold Saga Continued: The Jetta GLX Wago with the stick

After the s14 was sold the first project I took on was this little Jetta GLX wagon, a pretty unique and special car definitely worth picking up. It's a vr6 wagon with a 5 speed manual I got in late April for only $600! The owner thought it had a blown headgasket, or some kind of electrical issue. He had replaced all the coils and coilpack and was looking to unload it. After checking out the car it became clear to me it wasn't running on all cylinders. Scanning it revealed a misfire in cylinder 5, but cylinder 5 had compression, I then gave the spark plug the old snifferooo and there was definitely no fuel, it was a much easier fix than a GD headgasket. A quick call with the BMW whisperer confirmed my susssses. So I paid the seller and took this wagon home. The car needed 1 new injector and to run it at 3k rpm for about 10 minutes to unstick a lifter, than she was a runner. She also needed passenger side fender, intake shiftrod bushings, MAF, rain tray and she was a runner and a looker!

Pic from the Craigslist ad.

Here's the offending injector. Getting to the fuel rail and injectors is pretty annoying on the vr6 Jetta's and presumably everything else that came with a vr6. you have to unbolt the front bumper from the fenders or remove it entirely because you need to unbolt the hood latch too- Nice. Remove headlights and trim pieces behind them. Unbolt the rad support bolts and move the support out about 2". Once you have space you need to remove the shift rod actuator stuff from the intake- Beware crusty AF vacuum lines underneath the actuator. It's best to pull out the whole shifter rod and check/replace the plastic bearings or the whole rod while in there. Next, remove the upper intake manifold and the jillion bolts holding it down and to the lower portion of the intake mani and move the coolant hardline held down with brackets on 2 of the intake bolts. With all that out of the way you have to jingle jangle and finesse the injector wiring out from this plastic prison it's in, and be super careful! These are thin-gauge wires and they probably will be crusty. Move them carefully! Next unbolt the fuel rail and replace the injector(s). Oh and of course you will have disconnected the battery and ran the fuel line and rail dry before all this btw :)

Here she is all buttoned up- buffed the headlights, and cleaned off some pinstriping from the replacement fender. Cleaned up some of the rust on the pass side rocker. Fixed the center arm rest latch with a pick and pull replacement, and some other odds and ends. I also took the Thule roof rack off to keep aside for my e46 before selling the Jetta on. An acquaintance of mine heard through the grapevine I was unloading the car and bought it immediately. I sold it without even needing to post it and deal with the nonsense that is FB marketplace. So that was nice. All said and done I was into this rig for just under a $1,000, and sold it for $2,000 about 2 months later and kept the roof rack for another project. Nice moves!

Thanks for reading friends! Onto the next overdue installment:

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