2021 The Untold Saga Continued: The Volvos- I might have caught the Brick Bug!

It was also during late April that I had acquired these two manual transmissioned'd Volvo wagons. A minty little red V70 wagon, and this Californian Metallic Blue Volvo 245.

Both of these wicked wagons came with manual transmissions, and both of them were definite bucket list material for yours truly.

With my bimmer in the shop indefinitely, in fact, it hadn’t had wheels on it let alone been off a lift for nearly 2 years, I had been dailying different things trying to experience all the vehicles I can before they appreciate to unobtainium or all rot into the ground. The v70 was a runner and so I daily’d it about 45 days while slowly getting it sellable and simultaneously repairing the blue 245 for daily use. With the hot used car market, chip shortage (aren’t you sick of hearing about that?), and just how clean the little V70 was it was not difficult to sell it on for a tasty little profit in a super short amount of time. The Jetta was spoken for so slotting the 245 into daily duty was the priority. All the little v70 needed was a new rear motor mount, a bumper vent, and some homebrewed solid(ish) shifter cable bushings with those very easy fixes she went for the asking price and onto a new home. Video here of the repairs prepping to sell the red wagon.

With the v70 gone and having gotten the 245 working properly, it slotted into daily duty nicely. I got it road-worthy with a new fuel line, hood hinge, hood latch, and driveshaft u-joint, and a tiny pin hole rust repair near the windshield. Of course, once I replaced the hood latch the hood release cable snapped! So I wound up getting some hood pins, and they ended up looking pretty rad! I also needed to replace the crumbling speakers in the front doors along with sourcing the front hockey stick trim pieces from ebay and ipd. With those little additions and the Live Neil Young CD that came with the car I was hauling and loving life behind the wheel of the Volvo 240 wagon!

I had already sold my 3rd car in the first 6 months or 2021 so I had to hang onto this old gal for the remainder of 2021 and get creative for the remainder of my projects. I have to say the time I spent daily driving the 245, I absolutely loved it! It made me smile, feel calm, relaxed, and unrushed. It never left me stranded, and I never really worried it would, even with just under 320,000 miles on the still working odometer! I took joy in running errands and trying to fit as much shit into it I could, including my 100lb German Shepard who loved this car as much as I did. I clocked a little over 3,000 miles and really loved every second of it! I took it on a ~6 hour road trip from Boston to northern New Hampshire and back for a bachelor party with fuel only costing $28! The 245 is such a fantastic little rig, and it's as practical as a pickup truck! With the seats folded flat, you have over 6 feet of flat load floor- plenty of space to grab 4- 6’ tables and 18 folding chairs for a catered party at my house, and lumber for a garage project on the roof rack. These wagons are super versatile and actually fun to own and wrench on. They're straightforward, mechanically simple, and becoming pretty desirable. I think I got into this wagon with a standard transmission before the values truly skyrocket, granted mine was never going to be on Bring a Trailer. The Volvo 240 wagon actually made it to the Hagerty 10 antique vehicles that will appreciate, and a dedicated article. I ended up actually losing about $200 after insuring, registering, excise, and repairs on this car when I sold it on the 1st of the new year. But the ownership experience was super worthwhile and I made like 3 Volvo friends and got a really killer deal on another collector car as a result, one that I will be hanging onto for a long time and modifying because it won't appreciate or command the same demand at least for the immediate future. Hey Volvo nuts, I understand now. I get it, and I think I'm infected with the brick bug too.

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